About Us

Founded in 2004 as Newstex, today ACI Information Group is the world’s leading aggregator of editorially selected and curated social media publications.

Our focus is simple

Identify and license authoritative social media publications authored by professionals in the academic, corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors.

Our promise is powerful

Provide professionals, researchers, scholars and students with an editorially selected and curated collection of social media publications that provide relevant insights, analysis, and research unavailable in traditional media and journals.

We deliver on our promise in three ways:

  • Our multinational team applies a rigorous editorial process to identify, select, license, and curate social media publications of the highest caliber;
  • We create and maintain the ACI Indices which provide free and subscription access to metadata, abstracts and full-text within our collections;
  • We partner with professional and academic database providers to integrate our collections into their research platforms.

With tens of thousands of social media publications and millions of articles, ACI helps researchers find  insightful content they’ve been missing.

We look forward to talking to you about how ACI can help you, your customers, or patrons.


The ACI Team