ACI Blog Index for Search Engines is installed

Your Google and Google Scholar searches will highlight blog articles from ACI.

Add high-quality blog articles from ACI Scholarly Blog Index to your Google and Google Scholar searches.

ACI Blog Index for Search Engines adds relevant articles from editorially-selected blogs to your web searches. With support for Google and Google Scholar searches, the browser extension is likely to integrate seamlessly with your research workflow.

Relevant articles from scholarly blogs

Blog posts are searched quickly and displayed among Google results. The high-quality content is an excellent starting point for research.

Convenient and powerful blog search

Web Browser Integration

ACI Blog Index for Search Engines integrates seamlessly with your existing web search workflow in popular browsers.

Advanced Search

Filters and advanced search options in search engines like date ranges and content language also apply to ACI results.


With support for regional Google portals like google.fr, the extension delivers ACI search results in many languages.

Preview the extension in action

urban farming
on Google

mosquito gene editing plasmodium
on Google

gluten sensitivity tests
on Google Scholar

el radio del protón
on Google Spain

Get started with ACI Blog Index for Search Engines

Deploy ACI Blog Index for Search Engines at your Institution

ACI Blog Index for Search Engines can be customized for institutions that license ACI. The extension will automatically link to your custom ACI portal and the position within Google results, number of ACI results displayed, and other features can be configured.