ACI Course Drop-In

ACI Course Drop-In from the ACI Scholarly Blog Index

It’s your classroom… so get a live search demonstration customized for you and your students. Available now to subscribers and trial users of the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, the ACI Course Drop-In is a new feature that allows your institution’s faculty to request a custom 15-minute online demo of the ACI Scholarly Blog Index for their classes.

ACI Course DropIn

Whether you’re in a traditional classroom or in a virtual environment like Blackboard, we come where you are. We’ll set up an online meeting space that your class can attend as a group, or you can pull us in through your own virtual platform if your students are attending virtually or if you use a preferred platform. You can request specific topic coverage ahead of time, and we’ll construct the perfect search demonstration with time for questions and answers.

For a fifteen-minute guided tour of what your students can find in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, it’s a win-win situation for you and your students.


Ready for your ACI Course Drop-In? Just fill out this form to request a live, customized demo for your class.