The ACI Scholarly Blog Index is a collection of scholarly blogs from experts and thought leaders in all fields of study. With each blog individually curated by researchers with expertise in that blog’s topic, ACI makes it easy for students, faculty, and researchers everywhere to find scholarly blogs in any academic discipline.

Now, with the ACI Scholarly Blog Index mobile app, individual and institutional ACI subscribers can easily research scholarly blogs on their mobile devices. 

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The ACI Scholarly Blog Index mobile app provides convenient access for individual and institutional subscribers to the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, an editorially-curated collection of scholarly blogs written by scholars and thought leaders in all academic disciplines. ACI subscribers can use the mobile app to:

Designed for the serious academic researcher, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index mobile app offers a variety of workflow tools to enhance the mobile search experience. Bookmark any article you’d like to read or revisit later. Use the Lists tool to organize collections of articles for your own reference or for use in course assignments, research groups, and other collaborative projects. In addition to accessing your existing lists, you can also search public lists curated by others to find collections by topic, course ID, institution, professor name, and more.

With the ACI Scholarly Blog Index mobile app, today’s online researchers can now find authoritative blog content from scholars in all academic fields.

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How are other researchers using ACI? Here are just a few examples of what you can accomplish with the ACI Scholarly Blog Index mobile app.

Students can:

  • Search or browse articles to find credentialed opinion and expert commentary in any discipline.
  • Identify and/or follow experts & thought leaders in your chosen field.
  • Bookmark articles to read later.
  • Access sharing and productivity tools.
  • Find authors’ professional identifiers, social connections, and alternative metrics.
  • Search lists for research assignments or for sharing with classmates or instructors.
  • Get list notifications on new articles matching your course or assignment needs.

Faculty can:

  • Stay abreast of current topics in your academic discipline.
  • Keep up with the scholarship of peers in your field, or even your university colleagues.
  • Search public lists to find relevant content, and easily follow collections curated by others.
  • Share lists of articles for reading assignments or course projects, or with peers in your field.
  • Get list notifications when articles in your research interest are added.

Librarians can:

  • Help students and faculty find relevant content from highly-credentialed scholars.
  • Find blogs written by your university’s faculty, staff, and/or students.
  • Bookmark articles to add to student subject guides and faculty liaison tools.
  • Keep up with bloggers writing on library and information science.
  • Access app access and use statistics for reference and usage reports.

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Download the ACI Scholarly Blog Index mobile app today and explore scholarly blog content and valuable workflow tools to enhance your academic research experience.

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