As the world’s only scholarly blog discovery service, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index was designed with your research in mind.

Whether you’re a college or university student or a scientist at a research organization, use ACI’s robust search engine, citation and sharing options, and other workflow tools to empower your scholarly blog research.

The ACI Scholarly Blog Index provides access to blog articles written by researchers and academic organizations across a wide variety of disciplines. Our strict editorial process ensures that you can find higher quality articles and filter on more meaningful metrics than traditional search engine results.


Find, cite, and share blog articles from credentialed scholars in your field of study


Bring ACI’s scholarly blog discovery service and research workflow tools to your campus

Blog Authors

Share your research and scholarship with a global community of researchers

Full-featured research platform for blog articles

Credentialed Content

Discover authoritative scholarly blog content authored by experts and thought leaders in all academic disciplines.


Robust Search Engine

Search by keyword, author’s degree, Library of Congress classification, institutional affiliation, and more.

Productivity Tools

Save and organize selected posts with productivity tools that support personalized resource curation.


Engagement Tools

Engage with sharing and collaboration tools, author profiles, alternative metrics, and citation options.


of authors in ACI have a Master's level degree or higher

Well-educated blog authors

It is not by chance that over half of all ACI authors have a Doctorate level degree; the approval process for every blog includes a thorough review of its authors. The  Author’s Degree filter makes it easy to find content by authors with specific degrees.

Meaningful connections

9 out of 10 authors on ACI have a social or academic profile. From Twitter and LinkedIn to ORCID and there are many ways to connect with authors you find in ACI.




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  • Receive alerts on topics that interest you

Library Access

University and independent libraries may offer free access to ACI for faculty and students. Your librarian can provide instructions for accessing ACI within the library and in some cases from anywhere in the world by logging in with your university email.

Each library has a unique web address for its ACI portal. Be sure to use your library’s portal when browsing or signing up for ACI.


Does my library offer ACI?

ACI is available to students and faculty at universities around the world. Ask your librarian whether your institution is participating or would consider providing access to ACI.
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Common questions

How do I find blog posts in ACI?

Researchers can search the ACI Scholarly Blog Index to find authoritative content from blogs in a variety of academic subjects. While keyword searches to explore blog content are probably the most common type of search, researchers can also find blogs by browsing, where you can start typing a word or phrase to see possible search suggestions. You can search or browse by blog title, blog author, date range, Library of Congress classification, and more. You can also search exact phrases just by enclosing them in quotation marks.

Once you’ve run your desired search, your search results can then be further refined with the facet filter selections located on the left; for example, to filter results by Library of Congress Classification, publication, author degree, and many others. Learn more about basic search and advanced search options.

Does ACI provide citations for blog posts?

We’ve made it very easy for researchers to get the full citation of any blog post they’d like to cite in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index. MLA (Modern Language Association) style, APA (American Psychological Association) style, and Chicago Manual of Style citation help are readily available.

To cite a blog post, just click on the Cite button on the blog post’s page. You’ll find it in the left side of the page – just below the post text or abstract. When you click on Cite, you’ll see options for MLA, APA, and Chicago Style citation help. Just click on the desired citation style and copy the text displayed.

In addition, if you click on Save this citation, an page will open in a new tab or Window and will keep a running list of your citations. Even if you close the tab or window, it will still remember all of your saved citation results from the present search session, and your full citation list will be available each time you click on save this citation. Learn more.

Is ACI compatible with my university's citation or reference management tool (Zotero, RefWorks, etc.)?

Export options in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index allow users to save blog posts found in ACI as a PDF document or to save to Dropbox, Google Drive, or several popular citation, reference management, and resource organization platforms. (You can also save posts to EasyBib; click here for more information.)

On any blog post page in ACI, click on Export in the lower-left corner of the page, just below the post abstract or text area. This will display a pop-up with several different options for exporting. Just click on your preferred export format to begin exporting. Learn more.

What are bookmarks and lists?

Bookmarks allow you to save selected posts that you find relevant or interesting, and then return to those posts later for further reading or review. Bookmarks are great for notating stand-alone posts that you found noteworthy or worth exploring further. Lists, on the other hand, are ideal when you’d like to organize found posts into a collection based on a shared topic, such as your discipline or other topics of interest, or when you intend to share the list with others, such as with course projects, assigned readings, or sharing with peers or common interest groups. You can easily add any post in ACI to a list that you own.

There are numerous benefits to using bookmarks and lists. Here are just a few:


  • Save independent posts that you want to read later or revisit.
  • Identify and/or follow experts & thought leaders in your chosen discipline.
  • Notate posts with topics, concepts, or ideas that might be applied to a future assignment or course.


  • Curate lists of content aimed at a specific course, or even at specific assignments for a given course.
  • Share post collections with other students for lab or group projects.
  • Share post collections with professors, student organizations, or peers in your major for easy resource sharing.

Learn more

Do you have any tutorials or other learning tools?

ACI provides several venues to help you with your research. Our tutorial videos offer guidance on a variety of topics, with both overview and in-depth videos on a range of tips, tools, and ACI features. Our extensive FAQ library provides handy access to common questions, and weekly introductory webinars demonstrate how to find relevant content and incorporate ACI’s workflow tools into your research.
In addition, you can ask a question to ACI staff from any page in ACI through our in-page help feature for personalized research assistance, help with using ACI tools and features, or for other assistance. While researching in ACI, just click on the gray icon in the lower-right corner to ask a question.