Researchers across the world are looking for authoritative blog content.

As the world’s only scholarly blog discovery service, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index connects your work to students, faculty, and other researchers seeking scholarly blogs on your topics or field of study.

Increased discoverability for you and your blog

Global Reach

Indexing in global discovery services, like OCLC WorldCat, expands your content’s reach to those in colleges, universities, and other research institutions looking for authoritative blogs in your discipline.


Curation & Collaboration

ACI’s enhanced productivity and collaboration tools helps researchers to correctly cite your posts, incorporate your posts into course assignments or other projects, and share your work with others.

Singular Scholarly Identity

ACI connects your blog to your other avenues of content and scholarship, helping you to engage with your readership, discover new collaboration opportunities, and build your academic network around the world.

Premium Author Access

As an author, you’ll have free premium access to the full range of metadata and workflow tools available within ACI for content curation, social media or academic platform sharing, or your own research needs.

Distribution to our discovery partners

Your blog articles will be accessible to researchers at universities and libraries in popular discovery engines like OCLC WorldCat, ProQuest Summon, ExLibris Primo, and EBSCO alongside traditional media like journals and books. Over 15% of visitors to ACI arrive through a search in these popular discovery engines.

Making the cut

The ACI Scholarly Blog Index is a very selective collection of blogs. Many of the blogs discovered by our researchers or suggested by users are disqualified due to factors such as inconsistent subject matter or authoritative deficiency. Certain blogs are more suitable for other ACI products while others will be retained only in the Gray Blogs collection of the Scholarly Blog Index.

Blog Author Interviews

ACI Interview with Professor & Scholarly Blogger Dr. Troy Hicks

ACI interviewed Spotlight Author and scholarly blogger Dr. Troy Hicks, a professor of literacy and technology at Central Michigan University. Dr. Hicks blogs on digital literacy, educational technology, and teaching strategies at Digital Writing, Digital Teaching.

ACI Interview with Scholarly Blogger & PhD Candidate Nick Byrd

In this post, ACI interviews scholarly blogger Nick Byrd, a PhD Candidate in philosophy at Florida State University. Nick’s scholarly blogging reaches readers with interests in philosophy, the cognitive sciences, & beyond with his blog

Common questions

I found my blog articles in ACI. Are you displaying the full text of my posts?
Any blog for which a full text license has not yet been granted will show only a summary of your article. Anyone who finds your blog post will need to click the Original button to read the full text directly from your blog. Summaries may be provided in your blog’s feed or generated automatically by ACI. 
Can I edit my author profile?

ACI has partnered with ORCID to enhance the convenience and portability of your author profile. Your ORCID record can include your degree(s) and relevant employment history, journal entries, books, and short bio among other professional achievements and affiliations. Your ACI author profile can also include social network connections and a photo so that visitors can recognize and follow your work. Changes to your ORCID record will appear the next time you view your ACI author profile.

Our researchers strive to collect accurate and comprehensive information for all of our author profiles, so you may already have a profile. Connecting your ACI account to your ORCID iD is an excellent way to validate your profile and show that it has been VERIFIED.

What are the benefits of full-text distribution and archiving?

ACI distribution and archiving connects your content to those who care about your research and are actively interested in your field of study.


Because the ACI Scholarly Blog Index will be licensed to academic institutions, blogs in ACI have the potential to reach millions of readers throughout academia – including faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.


The odds of an individual blog post surfacing on the first page of a Google search result is usually low, but ACI offers discoverability options that can improve an author’s probability of being found.

Archiving and the Scholarly Conversation

Archiving is important to universities as they purchase and maintain journal content as the “research of record” for future use. However, “link rot” is a major problem in academia. Each dead link leaves a hole in the web of knowledge. By letting ACI archive your blog, you can ensure that your posts will be available to future scholars.

After I submit my blog, how long will it take to appear in search results?

All blogs in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index are individually curated by researchers with expertise in that blog’s topic or field of study. Only blogs of sufficient quality and scholarship content are chosen for inclusion in ACI. Blogs suggested by their authors are upheld to the same high standard.

Once a blog is approved its authors will be profiled and article feed integrated with summaries. Full text integrations occasionally require additional information from the author, but generally it is a quick and easy process. For blogs submitted on this page, if your blog is approved we will let you know when it is fully integrated.