The research team at ACI is constantly seeking additional blogs to expand our collection. If you contribute to or follow a blog that we have not yet discovered, please let us know.

All blog submissions are carefully reviewed to guarantee a high standard of quality across the ACI Scholarly Blog Index. If your blog is approved, an ACI representative will notify you when the blog articles and author profiles are available in the Scholarly Blog Index.

Is my blog in ACI?

Search for your blog title or your name to see whether your content has exposure in ACI.

Should I allow ACI to archive the full text of my blog?

ACI distribution and archiving connects your content to those who care about your research and are actively interested in your field of study. Full text articles feature improved searchability and convenience for researchers since the entire article is available within ACI.

If you have not licensed the full text of your blog to ACI Information Group (formerly Newstex, LLC) your blog articles will show a title, summary, and in some cases a photo. Researchers will need to click through to your blog to view the original article. Similarly, even full text articles show only a summary for unregistered users and search engine spiders.

Archiving is important to universities as they purchase and maintain journal content as the “research of record” for future use. However, “link rot” is a major problem in academia. Each dead link leaves a hole in the web of knowledge. By letting ACI archive your blog, you can ensure that your posts will be available to future scholars.

Archiving in Portico

ACI has partnered with Portico to ensure the long-term preservation of blog content for the scholarly record.