This is Aarti

Aarti is a marketer.

Her job is to create lead generation and nurturing campaigns that improve lead conversion rates and shorten the sales cycle.

Aarti needs to segment the available market and create campaigns targeted to particular subsegments. She also needs to craft specific calls to action that will encourage prospects to move along the sales funnel so that she can create more leads more quickly for her sales teams. She also needs to track lead conversation from her MAS to the sales CRM to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and its ROI.

Aarti turns to ACI

Aarti relies on the ACI News & Commentary Blog Index to find authoritative, insightful analysis that better equip her to apply new quantitative marketing analytics and cognitive decisioning models to her campaigns.

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With ACI, business professionals like Aarti can:

  • Discover new methods of market research that can help her better connect with customers
  • Understand industry best practices as she crafts her content marketing strategy
  • Keep apprised of emerging adtech and martech players that can help improve her performance