This is Dion

Dion-thumb-no-textDion is an investment banker.

He specializes in project finance.

His job is to help companies raise capital via special purpose vehicles to complete specific infrastructure projects – like building a school or a bridge.

Dion needs to determine the amount and structure of the funds needed for the project. He also prepares registration statements. And perhaps most importantly he presents the funding vehicle at investor roadshows.

Dion turns to ACI

Dion relies on the ACI News & Commentary Blog Index to find authoritative, insightful analysis that allow him to better structure and pitch deals.

With ACI, business professionals like Dion can:

  • Uncover analysis of macro-economic news (particularly forecasts, which can be used to inform what-if models)
  • Surface broader issues influencing political events (particularly news on regulatory or other government action which could affect a project’s timetable)
  • Identify comparables that inform thinking about funding needs and structure