This is Ramiro

Ramiro-thumb-no-textRamiro is a lawyer.

He specializes in corporate taxation.

As a partner, his job is to help companies understand and comply with tax laws for every jurisdiction in which they operate.

Ramiro needs to analyze business transactions of all sorts – acquisitions, market expansion, alliances – and provide his clients with advice on the best way to comply with local and national tax laws. He drafts complex legal documents such as loan agreements and is an expert for due diligence activities.  In addition to supporting the needs of his clients, Ramiro is also responsible for mentoring associate attorneys and for rainmaking activities.

Ramiro turns to ACI

Ramiro relies on the ACI News & Commentary Blog Index to find authoritative, insightful analysis that allow him to identify facts and legal activities that may inform her decisions.

With ACI, legal professionals like Ramiro can:

  • Monitor changes in the law 
  • Uncover business events that may represent new opportunities with current or target clients
  • Power competitive intelligence  efforts to ensure the best levels of service for clients