This is Tom

Tom thumb no textTom is a professor.

His job is to add to the academic reputation of his institution through research, publication, speaking and media exposure, and teaching.

Tom needs to publish original, scholarly research to advance his career. To do so, he conducts countless hours of primary and secondary research. He is also an educator and teaches both undergraduate and graduate classes. Because he is well known in his field, his department often asks him to conduct interviews with the media in ways that connect his research with topical news events.

Tom turns to ACI

Tom relies on the ACI Scholarly Blog Index to publish his original research and research events, add his voice to scholarly debates, and build his reputation in the academic community.


ACI Scholarly Blog Index is also an important research tool that allows Tom to uncover the conversation he’s been missing. Tom relies on ACI to:

  • Monitor, analyze and quantify various facets tied to current events
  • Engage with original works and critiques
  • Uncover new applications and interpretations of recent advances
  • Gain insights into pre-publication research