Time for the Publisher INsider where we highlight some of the most INovative, INteresting and INspirational content providers that are part of Newstex Authoritative Content.

This month, the Publisher INsider profiles GRITtv with Laura Flanders whose online video content is offered through Newstex Authoritative Content.

GRITtv launched in May 2008, and today, the daily 30-minute discussion reaches millions of viewers each week airing three times per day on Free Speech TV, on Dish network (9415), on DirecTV (340),  on cable and public television stations nationwide, and online.

GRITtv videos incorporate viewer-submitted content.  As the GRITtv website explains, the goal is:

“To go beyond the one-way format of traditional media,  GRITtv talks to the people commercial media ignore.  Independent filmmakers and journalists, activists, and the smartest thinkers and doers of our time are part of the conversation, and you can be too.”

GRITtv videos are hosted by founder Laura Flanders who is a journalist, author and media activist.  Her books include the New York Times bestseller Bushwomen: Tales of a Cynical Species and Blue Grit: Making Impossible, Improbable, and Inspirational Political Change in America. She is also a regular contributor to The Nation magazine and the Huffington Post and a regular commentator on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show.”

Recent videos published by GRITtv cover topics as diverse as green jobs, human rights in the United States, New Orleans years after Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, the Tea Party, and anchor babies.  GRITtv videos feature diverse voices discussing ideas and concerns viewers don’t always find from traditional news outlets.

While GRITtv is categorized as being a political publisher, the video and discussion topics include far more than just politics.  There is always something new, different, and thought-provoking to see and hear on GRITtv.