ACI is shipping up to Boston!

ACI is exhibiting at the 2015 Special Libraries Association Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. The 2015 SLA conference is being held from Sunday, June 14th through Tuesday, June 16th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Pat, Aura, and Larry from the ACI Information Group are exhibiting in Booth #1300, showcasing the ACI Scholarly Blog Index to library and information science professionals.

They’re looking forward to showing SLA attendees how ACI fits into today’s research landscape, and how other universities and librarians are using ACI for continued discovery, sharing, and collaboration. They’ll even present strategic case studies on how students and faculty are using ACI in the classroom and for their research.

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Is your library missing out on the world’s only repository of published scholarly blog content? If so, drop by Booth 1300, and see for yourself what the buzz is about. The ACI Scholarly Blog Index offers the most comprehensive, authoritative, and credentialed collection of scholarly blogs available today. With more researchers and academics blogging than ever before,  ACI’s collection of scholarly blogs encompasses all fields of study – from biochemistry, anthropology, and the arts to pharmaceutical intelligence and corporate scientific & research initiatives.

In addition, ACI’s tools and features can offer a viable, accessible path to a more comprehensive scholarly record. Today’s researchers contend with a whole host of issues involving scholarly metrics & assessments on productivity & contributions to the field (just check out these conversations on impact factors and the h-index), and ACI works to integrate tools that can assist researchers in those areas. “Our trial users are looking for innovative ideas from the publish or perish mentality surrounding tenure and promotion, and are interested in incorporating the community activity score rankings into that process,” explains Aura Novembre, Vice President of Content Licensing at ACI. “Trial users believe that the ACI Scholarly Index provides a valuable resource to follow scholarly work through a different medium.”

Pat Sabosik, General Manager of the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, agrees. “ACI trial users, both students and professors, are incorporating scholarly blogs into their academic activities because they value the currency of content and broad range of interdisciplinary topics and opinions covered in blogs.  Having the scholarly blogs selected by researchers with domain expertise insures quality selections that these students and academics can depend on.”

With a collection specifically curated and vetted for scholarly research, universities and other institutions are using ACI to delve into the full potential that the scholarly blog platform offers modern-day researchers. “Trial users also like the currency of the scholarly blogs to stay up-to-date on breaking topics,” notes Pat. “Teaching faculty and grad students like to see what their colleagues are blogging about, and follow the academic chatter around scholarly blogs and Tweets they find in ACI Scholarly Blog Index.”

In addition, as researchers come across those posts of interest, they have a plethora of options for what they can then do with the resources and information they discover. Aura notes that two examples of the valuable options researchers have are the bookmarks and lists tools in ACI. “The bookmarking and list making functionalities,” Aura explains, “allow users to share their lists with colleagues and increase engagement.”

Stop by SLA Booth # 1300 to learn more.

For those of you not already familiar with SLA, the Special Libraries Association is a nonprofit organization that serves more than 7,000 library and information professionals & strategic partners in 75 countries worldwide. And it’s been around for ages: founded in 1909 by John Cotton Dana, SLA’s mission is to “promote and strengthen its members through learning, advocacy, and networking initiatives”. Its annual conference is one that many librarians anticipate all year long.

SLA 2015 is a great venue for ideas on discovery and collaboration in research and scholarship, offering more than 100 educational sessions and workshops in a wide variety of areas of interest to information experts and academic researchers. Session and workshop topics include data analysis, visualization, & metrics, copyright, information resources, research tools & strategies, diversity, metadata & taxonomy, leadership, social media, and more. In addition, there’s free wi-fi at the conference, so you can search or browse ACI for your favorite scholarly topics in between sessions. =]

For more information or to late-register for the conference, visit the SLA 2015 Conference website. You can also read more about individual conference programs and exhibitors here.

Follow @SLAconf on Twitter to follow the goings-on at the conference. Whether you’re tweeting from the conference or just attending vicariously through your luckier peers, be sure to use #SLA2015 to engage with others and join the SLA conversation. They also have ten Twitter hashtags targeted to SLA sessions to be used in conjunction with #SLA2015; you can check those out here.

Aura, Pat, and Larry are excited about showcasing the ACI Scholarly Blog Index to SLA attendees, describing case studies and university trial findings, and generally having way too much fun playing with ACI’s lists & bookmarks tools. They’d love to meet you in person and show you the innovative tools & features libraries are using in ACI, so be sure to stop by Booth 1300 and say hello!

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