One of the most useful tools for students and faculty using the ACI Scholarly Blog Index is the ACI export tool. The export tool allows users to save blog posts found in ACI to commonly-used citation and reference managers so that faculty and students can manage their content within the platform they’re already familiar with, or are already using. While ACI has export options for several platforms – including Zotero, EndNote, Dropbox, and even Google Drive – one of the most commonly-used export options in ACI is Mendeley.

Mendeley is a free reference manager and networking platform that helps you organize the references and documents you find during your academic search. Users of Mendeley sign up for a free account by visiting Mendeley offers various options of organizing and managing their scholarly content in Mendeley’s collections platform. When users are signed in on the Mendeley website, they can access their collections by clicking on the My Library tab. Users can also choose to download the Mendeley desktop application onto their personal computers, which allows them to access and manage their collections even if they’re offline. In addition, Mendeley now also offers a mobile app. All three points of access synchronize content so that any blog posts added in one location will be updated in the others.

In this blog post, we’ll show you three examples of how you can use Mendeley to save scholarly posts found in ACI. Just click on any thumbnail to view a larger version of that image in a new tab or window.

Save a blog post using the Mendeley bookmark.

drag mendeley bookmarkThe first example involves saving a blog post with the Mendeley Web Importer bookmark in your browser’s bookmarks bar. The Mendeley bookmark is available at; from that page, you can simply drag the Save to Mendeley bookmark displayed onto your browser’s bookmark space.


save post to mend bmEach time you discover an ACI post that you want saved to Mendeley, simply click on the Save to Mendeley bookmark.



A small window will display with details on that post, allowing you to adjust the title, assign tags, or add notes. You can also choose to save the post to a collection you’ve set. In this example, I have a Mendeley collection for scholarly blog posts, so I’ll select that collection from the drop-down menu. When you click save, that ACI article will be added to your Mendeley library.

Save a search results page using the Mendeley bookmark.

The second example of using Mendeley in ACI is with a search results page. The benefits of saving the search results page is similar to the benefits of having an RSS feed, because the webpage saved will always display the posts that fall under that particular search, allowing you continual access to the most recently-added posts that fit the parameters of that search.

save search results mendeleyTo save the search results page to your Mendeley library, simply click on the Save to Mendeley bookmark from the search results page in ACI. You’ll notice that the Mendeley title in the post box will display “ACI Scholarly Blog Index”; this is because you’re saving the search results page rather than an individual article. Just notate the topics or intention of the search in that title field for easier reference later.

Save a blog post using Mendeley Desktop.

A third example of using Mendeley in ACI involves the Mendeley desktop application, a free, optional download available to all Mendeley users.

save post to mend exportTo add a blog article to your Mendeley desktop application, click on Export in the lower-left corner of the desired blog post page, and then on Export to Mendeley. The ACI blog post will now be added to your Mendeley library. Because Mendeley allows imports from many other platforms, you can also import ACI posts previously saved to EndNote, RefWorks, Zotero, or through a standardized RIS and add that content to the ACI collection in your Mendeley library.

Here’s what your Mendeley library looks like once you’ve saved your ACI blog posts to your Mendeley collection.

The ACI blog post as displayed in your Mendeley Desktop application:

mendeley - desktop with aci

The ACI blog post as displayed in your online Mendeley library:

mendeley - online library with aci

Visit ACI at, or through your university’s custom ACI portal, and explore the export and organization options available to all researchers – for Mendeley, Endote, Zotero, and more – in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index.