Choice Current Reviews for Academic Libraries and ACI Information Group announce a partnership to include monthly selections from the ACI Scholarly Blog Index in Choice Reviews tablet edition.

Choice is a publication of the Association of College & Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association focused on higher education and academic librarianship.  Choice is the leading source for reviews of academic books and digital resources of interest to scholars, librarians, and students.  

Choice Reviews tablet edition will now include a monthly feature of selected blogs from the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, an editorially selected and curated collection of scholarly blogs written by faculty, researchers, and industry experts and covering all academic disciplines. The partnership highlights the editorial commitment Choice and ACI Information Group have to select the best scholarly resources to support higher education.

With Choice Reviews tablet edition current Choice or Choice Reviews Online subscribers can now  browse an interactive version of reviews, feature articles, and other resources of value to academic libraries. In addition to being able to perform a keyword search or subject browse, Choice Reviews tablet edition readers can also create lists, email, and share featured articles and reviews from within the app. And now, with the integration of select scholarly blogs from ACI Scholarly Blog Index, Choice readers will be able to explore the value of credentialed scholarly blogs for their academic institutions.

With content excerpts from the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, tablet edition users can read abstracts and view full-color screenshots of select content from ACI Scholarly Blog Index in an interactive format. Users can also opt to visit the actual ACI Scholarly Blog Index page for each post directly from within the Choice Reviews tablet edition. The tablet edition’s browsable October issue includes content from scholars in the fields of Health and Science and users will be able to explore Business & Economics blog selections in the November 2015 issue and Physical Science selections in the December issue. Other academic disciplines are planned for future Choice Reviews tablet editions.

To download the Choice Reviews tablet edition app, visit the App Store for  an Apple Device, or the Play Store or Google Play for an Android device.

For more information about the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, visit the ACI Scholarly Blog Index and register to review our editorially-curated collection of scholarly blogs for all academic disciplines, or request an ACI trial customized to your institution.

How to Access ACI Content in the Choice Reviews App


Screenshot_2015-10-16-08-24-07 (1)Download the Choice Reviews App directly with these links from the App Store or Google Play, or search for choice reviews in your preferred app store platform.


Screenshot_2015-10-16-07-25-03On the main Choice Reviews page, tap the desired issue. In this example, in order to access ACI content, we’ll tap the October 2015 issue on the left.

Screenshot_2015-10-16-07-29-17Once the selected monthly Choice issue opens, you’ll be able to browse through the various sections available in the digital edition, including feature-length essays and valuable reviews for other print and digital resources. Use the menu icon located at the top of your screen to navigate directly to the ACI content section, or, if you prefer to browse the magazine, scroll through the pages by swiping the screen to the left.

Screenshot_2015-10-16-07-30-43Here is the ACI Scholarly Blog Index content section as it appears in the October 2015 digital edition within the Choice Reviews app. You’ll notice a featured blog post selection from the ACI Scholarly Blog Index at the top of the page. A full screenshot of the blog post page as it appears in ACI is on the left, while a scrollable frame on the right allows you to read the full abstract for that particular blog post.

Below the featured ACI blog post, you’ll find a selection of other ACI blog posts that fall within the same subject areas – in this case, Health and Science. While each selection includes an at-a-glance post snippet, you can also tap the Abstract button to read the abstract – and view a screenshot – on the right, or tap on View Story to actually visit that blog post’s page in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index.

Screenshot_2015-10-16-07-32-51This is an example of how one of the selected blog posts appears when you tap View Story and are taken to ACI. In addition to the post’s basic information and the sharing options just above the post content, you’ll notice that several other options are available to those with ACI subscriptions. (Request a custom trial for your institution to learn more.) These options include citation, export, bookmark, and list options, as well as the ability to access full-text.

Screenshot_2015-10-16-07-33-56For example, ACI users can tap Cite and easily copy MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual style citations to paste into their bibliographies, or use the Save this Citation option to save that post’s information to a running citation list.

Screenshot_2015-10-16-07-34-21Tapping the Export option provides several popular citation management, reference management, and document export options. You can export the post information to EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero, or you can export to other popular platforms (such as RefWorks) with the RIS file option. You can also export directly to Dropbox or Google Drive, or simply save or print a PDF version of the post information.

Screenshot_2015-10-16-07-37-51The Bookmarks feature allows you to select and save standalone posts for your own future reference. This includes the ability to add tags and notes to each post you bookmark – posts which can easily be accessed from your Bookmarks page from anywhere within ACI.

Screenshot_2015-10-16-07-36-14In addition to creating standalone bookmarks, you can also select and save posts into Lists that you plan to organize by topic or function. For example, lists can be used for building potential resource lists for student assignments, to create reading lists for use by faculty, or for librarians to create subject guides such as LibGuides. Like with Bookmarks, you can also assign tags to your lists, as well as set the privacy preferences for each individual list.

Be sure to take time to explore the ACI Scholarly Blog Index so that you can discover how easy it is to find credentialed scholarly blogs for academic research in any field. Download the Choice Reviews app today from the App Store or Google Play Store to see how ACI’s collection can meet the content discovery and workflow needs of students, faculty, and librarians in your institution.