ACI Information Group, LLC, a leader in aggregating and syndicating commercial and scholarly  blogs, and the publisher of the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, and EBSCO Information Services, a leader in library technology, content and services, are pleased to announce that ACI Scholarly Blog Index is now integrated into EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS). Libraries who have implemented EDS can now discover scholarly blogs in their search results and link out to the ACI Scholarly Blog Index web site.

ebsco long 2Incorporating ACI’s scholarly blog records into the EDS platform enhances discoverability of the scholarly blog content available in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index by students, faculty, and librarians utilizing the EBSCO Discovery Service™ platform. Many of the librarians who previewed ACI Scholarly Blog Index requested that our scholarly blogs be indexed in the leading discovery engines and ACI is pleased that our blog records are now indexed in EDS and ProQuest Summon and soon to be incorporated into OCLC’s World Cat.

To ensure the most efficient and intuitive search experience, EDS combines pre-indexed metadata from numerous sources with a library’s own collection of resources for unified searching. While most discovery services incorporate high-level metadata into their platforms, EBSCO states that EDS offers users the most robust, highest-quality metadata available in discovery platforms today. For those institutions that use the EDS  platform, the incorporation of scholarly blog titles and comprehensive metadata from the ACI Scholarly Blog Index ensures that their students, faculty, and librarians can easily find relevant, credentialed scholarly blog content for their academic research needs.

To learn more about EBSCO Discovery Service™, click here. For more information about ACI’s content and workflow tools, visit the ACI Scholarly Blog Index and explore our editorially-curated collection of scholarly blogs, or request an ACI trial customized for your institution.

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How ACI Content Appears in EDS

When users search for scholarly blog content in EBSCO Discovery Service, blog post results from ACI are categorized under the Content Provider ACI Scholarly Blog Index as shown in the screenshot below. In the results list, each blog post from ACI is designated as an Electronic Resource so that database users can readily identify it as an online resource, as opposed to a print book or multimedia item in your library’s holdings.

ebsco huffpost search

From the search results page, users can click right on any title in order to view more detailed information about that post. In the screenshot below, you can see that numerous subject headings are attached to an individual blog post record, allowing users to find that content using keywords pulled from the title and abstract of the post, as well as the full-text post content if that particular publication is available in ACI. In this example, the detailed article page includes eleven subject headings.

ebsco huffpost detailed

Whether users search for a person’s name as mentioned in the full-text (such as Matt Bevin) or a keyword of interest (such as state politics), the attached subject headings empower researchers with enhanced content discovery – helping them to find the content they need for their research. From this page, users can click the link provided in order to access the full-text content of this post directly in ACI.

For those libraries using the EBSCO Discovery Service, their students, faculty, and librarians can now reap the benefits of authoritative scholarly blog content in every academic discipline with content available from the ACI Scholarly Blog Index.