evidence based search page rssWhether you’re a faculty member keeping up with the hot topics and thought leaders in your academic discipline, or if you’re a student collecting resources for an upcoming assignment, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index provides many tools and features to assist you in your research – including facet filtering options, bookmarks & lists, and options for citing and exporting blog posts in ACI. While ACI offers many tools to enhance your research workflow, one feature that students, faculty, and librarians have found especially useful is the ACI Subscribe tool for RSS feed subscriptions.

We explained how to use the RSS Subscribe tool on search results pages in an earlier post, and we included access to full-size screenshots so you can easily follow along as you set up your own RSS subscriptions in ACI. Subscribing to the RSS feed of a search results page allows any incoming posts that match your search criteria to be automatically added to your RSS feed. While researchers find the RSS for ACI searches a valuable component of resource curation, the ACI team has now implemented the RSS Subscribe tool for ACI Lists.

evidence based list - rss buttonWith the addition of the RSS Subscribe tool on list pages, users can easily subscribe to the RSS feed of any list in ACI. When you subscribe to a list, new scholarly blog posts that are added to that list will be automatically added to your RSS feed reader platform. List followers can still receive auto-notifications by email that new blog posts have been added to lists, but with the RSS option for lists, users can now have those newly-added posts automatically added into their preferred RSS feed reader platform as well.

evidence based list - rss no feedlyTo use the RSS Subscribe tool for lists, just click on the orange Subscribe button in the upper-right corner of any list page in ACI. This will open the ACI RSS page for that list. From here, you can copy the URL from your browser’s web address field and paste that into your feed reader platform. As posts are added to that list, they will also be added to your reader – and each entry will include a direct link to that blog post page in ACI.

evidence based list - rss with feedlyIn some cases, your preferred feed reader option may actually integrate within the ACI page – appearing as a link right on the ACI Subscribe page. For example, feedly is a feed reader platform that integrates within the ACI RSS page. If you have a feedly account, when you click the Subscribe button on the search results page, the RSS page will actually have a hyperlink in the upper-right that says “Open in feedly”.

evidence based list - in feedlyClicking that link will automatically open your feedly page and allow you to add that ACI list to your feedly reader. In the screenshot on the right, you can see the scholarly posts from the selected ACI list within the reader. Clicking on any post title will take me directly to that blog post’s page in ACI.

Explore the RSS Subscribe option for lists – and for searches – and get authoritative scholarly blog posts for your research interests delivered to your feed reader with the ACI Scholarly Blog Index.