ACI Information Group announces that the ACI Scholarly Blog Index is now available through OCLC WorldCat Discovery Services. OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) is the nonprofit global library cooperative behind WorldCat, the world’s largest network of library collections and services. Discovery within OCLC WorldCat means that library users searching within WorldCat can now locate authoritative scholarly blog content available through the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, an editorially-curated collection of academic and research blogs authored by scholars and thought leaders in all academic disciplines.

“Our partnership with OCLC to make the ACI Scholarly Blog Index available through WorldCat Discovery gives researchers easy access to a very special and growing collection of over one million editorially-selected scholarly blog posts.”
Larry Schwartz, President, ACI Information Group

In 1971, OCLC developed the world’s first shared online cataloging system, connecting full catalog records from thousands of libraries through a networked database platform. That database, now known as WorldCat, connects library users to more than two billion electronic resources, including databases, e-books, periodicals and other digital collections. In addition to OCLC WorldCat and WorldCat Discovery, OCLC also offers a number of other library support services to its membership, including license management and authentication services, cataloging and metadata services, and resource sharing. It also conducts extensive research and provides a number of continuing education and professional development programs supporting the greater library community.

Through the integration of ACI content into OCLC WorldCat, WorldCat users can now find authoritative scholarly blog content by searching WorldCat’s vast collections, easily accessing the scholarly article abstract, the author and publication metadata, and the linked article record within the ACI database. In addition, users of those libraries who subscribe to the ACI Scholarly Blog Index can access the full range of premium metadata and workflow tools available within ACI:

  • Search the entire collection of scholarly blogs
  • Full-text access to every scholarly blog article
  • Advanced search, navigation, and filtering options to ensure highly-relevant results
  • Refine search results by Library of Congress classification
  • View authors’ professional and social connections, journal articles, and alternative metrics
  • Full citation and export options
  • Bookmark and List tools for saving, annotating, curating, and sharing content
  • Sharing, collaboration, and productivity tools

Libraries interested in learning more about the ACI Scholarly Blog Index can register to attend a weekly ACI introductory webinar and access helpful video tutorials on ACI’s YouTube channel. In addition, librarians attending the 2016 ALA Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits conference in Boston can stop by Booth 1001 to learn more about the ACI Scholarly Blog Index collection, its valuable metadata and workflow tools, and its availability within the OCLC WorldCat platform.

Read the full press release on the integration of ACI content into OCLC WorldCat.

How to Add ACI to your OCLC WorldCat Discovery Collections

In the OCLC WorldCat Discovery Services Service Configuration Module, librarians can set up groups of databases that will display on the advanced search and default search pages of their libraries’ WorldCat user interface. If a library is a subscriber of OCLC WorldCat Discovery Services as well as a subscriber to the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index collection option will be visible within the OCLC Service Configuration Module database options and can then be added to the OCLC collections for that library. To do this, follow these steps within the OCLC WorldCat Service Configuration Module for your library:

1. Visit the section entitled “Select databases that your user can search in your”.
2. Select “Add/Remove Databases” within that section.
3. Select “ACI Scholarly Blog Index” from the database list. It will now move into the box beneath “Selected Databases”.
4. Click on “Done”.
5. Click on “Save changes”.

Once this is done, the records within WorldCat will be linked so that it takes online researchers to the full ACI record within the WorldCat collection.

Note: In order for the collections and records to display properly, libraries should ensure that the 856 link display is turned on in the OCLC Service Configuration Module. The 856 link is the specific MARC field that ensures that the link to the item within the platform is working and displaying properly for the user. Once turned on, the 856 link display feature will ensure correct linking and record displays across all of that library’s databases and content collections within their WorldCat user interface.