ACI Information Group announces an agreement with Portico to ensure digital preservation of content in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, an editorially-curated collection of scholarly blogs written by scholars and thought leaders in all academic disciplines. Because Portico electronically preserves today’s research and scholarship so that these materials remain accessible to future scholars, researches, and students, the digital preservation process ensures that library subscribers have secure and reliable access options in the long-term. The preservation agreement between ACI and Portico is the first to ensure that scholarly blog content is preserved for the scholarly record, and is a testament to the support of scholarly blogs as valued contributions to the academic community.

“It’s critical that scholarly blog content be included in the preservation of the scholarly record. As a growing number of researchers look for authoritative content from top scholarly bloggers to supplement their research and engage in scholarly discourse, blog posts have become primary source material that should always be accessible.”
Larry Schwartz, President, ACI Information Group

Porticoportico is a digital content preservation service of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization that aims to help the academic community support sustainable teaching and research and to use digital technologies to preserve that knowledge for the scholarly record. Many library and research professionals are already familiar with popular ITHAKA service JSTOR, a comprehensive electronic library of journals, books, shared resources, and institutionally-based digital content collections.

With the Portico service, ITHAKA continues its mission to ensure that scholarly literature is available to future generations of researchers. In addition, Portico also provides a free holdings comparison service for all libraries and research institutions to compare their holdings to the current Portico archive. The ability of libraries and other research institutions to compare their subscriptions and content collections against the content archived in Portico helps to ensure the highest dissemination of information possible to their library users, including the valuable scholarly blog content indexed in the ACI collection.

Library and research professionals interested in learning more about the ACI Scholarly Blog Index can register to attend a weekly ACI introductory webinar and access helpful video tutorials on ACI’s YouTube channel. In addition, librarians attending the 2016 ALA Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits conference in Boston this week can stop by Booth 1001 to learn more about the ACI Scholarly Blog Index and content preservation with Portico.

Read the full press release on the preservation of ACI content with Portico.