The ACI Scholarly Blog Index is a collection of scholarly blogs from experts and thought leaders in all fields of study. With each blog individually curated by researchers with expertise in that blog’s topic, ACI makes it easy for you to find scholarly blogs in your academic discipline. Now, with the ACI Scholarly Blog Index mobile app, individual and institutional ACI subscribers can easily research scholarly blogs on their mobile devices. ACI subscribers can use the mobile app to:

  • Search the entire collection of scholarly blog articles
  • Access full-text for every article
  • View authors’ professional and social connections
  • Bookmark articles for later
  • Find and follow curated Lists
  • Share articles via email or social media
  • Access collaboration & productivity tools

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menu screenshot_iphone6_spacegrey_portraitWho needs a steep learning curve? ACI users can immediately use the mobile app to find what they’re looking for. The app offers many options for finding and organizing scholarly blog content, and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes navigating those options easier than ever.  The primary app screen lets you search on the spot, and you can access the Menu at any time for more tools and features.

For example, you can browse the most popular or recent scholarly blog posts, or return to the home screen to start your search from there. Access your bookmarks and existing lists, or find new lists to follow or explore. You can even view posts from all lists you follow or maintain with your ACI stream.


Screenshot_2016-01-15-12-02-31_iphone6plus_spacegrey_portraitYou can search using a keyword or phrase right from the app’s home page. You can also search or browse by author name, blog title, university or institutional affiliation, and Library of Congress classification. Search suggestions will appear below the search box as you type. In addition to the main search page, you can also search within topics, within categories such as publication or Library of Congress classification, and more.

To perform a search from any page within the app, tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner. In the resulting search box, simply type a keyword or phrase, and you’ll see any scholarly blog posts containing that search term or phrase.

Getting too many results with your search? Refining your search results is easy with the mobile app. For example, you can enclose a phrase in quotation marks to find results with that exact phrase. Or, to leave out unwanted results, simply place a hyphen right before a keyword to eliminate posts containing that keyword from your search results.


App bookmarks page_iphone6_spacegrey_portraitYou can bookmark any scholarly blog post you find in the app for later viewing or sharing. To bookmark a post, tap the bookmark icon in the lower-left corner of any article page. This will save that blog post to your personal bookmark collection. To access your bookmarks, just tap on My Bookmarks in the app Menu. You can also search your bookmarks using the bookmark search bar. In the search field, simply type a keyword or phrase, and you’ll see any personal bookmarks containing that search term or phrase.

In addition, ACI’s integration between the website and the mobile app automatically syncs many of your favorite ACI tools, and that includes bookmarks. For example, you can bookmark an article on your desktop browser and read it later on your tablet or phone – or vice versa.


App - My Lists page_iphone6_spacegrey_portraitLists are ideal if you intend to organize more than one post by topic, intended use, or other category. While you can’t currently create a new list or add an article to an existing list within the app, you can access your existing lists by tapping on My Lists in the app Menu. You can also search your lists using the list search bar. In the search field, simply type a keyword or phrase, and you’ll see posts from any existing lists that you follow or maintain that contain that search term or phrase.

In addition, you can easily search for – and follow – public Lists curated by others. To do this, tap Search Lists in the app menu. In the resulting search box, simply type a keyword or phrase, and you’ll see any public lists with descriptions or posts containing that search term or phrase. Now just tap Follow this list to follow a desired list. You will also receive email notifications whenever new articles are added to ACI lists that you follow or maintain.

ACI Stream

App - My ACI Stream page_iphone6_spacegrey_portraitThe ACI Stream allows you to easily see at-a-glance the posts and details for every list you follow or maintain in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index. It is ordered by the most recently added post to any list you follow or maintain. And because it’s automatically synced with your desktop or laptop ACI research, you’re always assured the most up-to-date view of posts in your collection of lists.

You can access your ACI Stream by tapping My ACI Stream in the app menu. You can also search content contained within your stream by tapping the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of your My ACI Stream screen.

Sharing Tools

Screenshot_2016-01-18-11-53-32_iphone6plus_spacegrey_portraitThe sharing tools offer app users a convenient way to share content for use in course assignments, research projects, and other collaborations. For example, you can share an article via email or text message, save it to your Google Drive, Evernote account, and other popular mobile sharing or organization platforms. To access the sharing tools, tap the sharing icon in the lower-right corner of any article page. The sharing icon will present options that are available to you for sharing and productivity tools. These may differ depending on your mobile operating system, existing apps and downloads, and other settings.

Download the ACI Scholarly Blog Index mobile app from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Apps today and explore scholarly blog content and valuable workflow tools to enhance your academic research.

Visit to find out how students, faculty, and librarians can use the ACI mobile app.

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