App - Publish Perish Search Mockup - croppedThe ACI Scholarly Blog Index is a scholarly blog discovery service, robust search engine, and research toolkit that spans all academic disciplines. Researchers take full advantage of the diverse set of scholarly blog curation tools available at (or their university’s custom ACI portal) – but they can also continue their research on the go. With the ACI Mobile App, individual and institutional subscribers can easily research scholarly blogs in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index on their mobile devices.

With an intuitive interface, helpful research tools, and real-time syncing, the app provides users with convenient access to well over a million scholarly blog posts indexed in ACI. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what researchers can do with the ACI Mobile App.

Search the entire collection of scholarly blogs

Screenshot_2016-05-25-13-59-54 (1)Students and faculty can find relevant content from highly-credentialed scholars right from the mobile homepage. You can search by keyword or exact phrase to find blogs in my field or research interest. Because search suggestions display beneath the search box as you type, you can browse by author, title, Library of Congress classification, institution, and other categories.

Screenshot_2016-05-25-14-52-19For example, if you were a student or faculty member at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, you could type the keyword urbana, select your school from the suggestions list, and view blogs written by your university’s faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Access full-text for every article

Screenshot_2016-05-25-14-00-57Full-text access is available for every article indexed in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, whether on the ACI mobile page for that post, or through a Read More linkout to the original post.


Screenshot_2016-05-25-14-01-11If you tap Read More on an ACI mobile post page, you can read the post on the original blog and just tap the X in the upper-right corner to return to the ACI mobile portal.

View author backgrounds and social connections

Screenshot_2016-05-25-14-13-50Every author indexed in ACI has an author profile with information on the author’s degrees, primary disciplines, and affiliated institutions: just tap an author’s name to view the details available for that particular author. You can even do this with many organizations and institutions that also publish scholarly blogs.

Screenshot_2016-05-25-14-14-33Most author profiles in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index are extremely thorough and comprehensive, so you can often view a comprehensive snapshot of that author’s digital identity and scholarly record: society memberships, a bio, professional identifiers, social media connections, publications or other publishing venues, and even some alternative metrics.

Bookmark articles to read later

bm appIt’s easy to save any blog post in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index so that you can easily revisit it later. To bookmark a post, just tap the Bookmark (ribbon) icon in the lower-left. Once bookmarked, ACI’s real-time syncing means you can now access that bookmark from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop for ultimate convenience.

Share articles with others

Screenshot_2016-05-25-14-27-58Every blog post in ACI has its own mobile page, and you’ll find the sharing icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Tap that icon to share that post with yourself or others via email, text, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, depending on the apps and settings of your mobile device.

Find and follow curated lists

Screenshot_2016-05-25-14-12-20Search public lists to find relevant content in collections curated by others. You’ll find lists on a number of topics, and you’ll even find a list reflecting each major Library of Congress subject heading.


Screenshot_2016-05-25-14-12-47When you find a list you like, you can easily follow that list by tapping the star icon. Once subscribed to a list, you’ll receive an email notification when new articles are added to that list. You can also share the list right from the mobile list page by tapping the Share icon.

Access collaboration and productivity tools

Screenshot_2016-05-25-14-02-56In addition to sharing options, tapping the share icon in the lower-right corner of the screen will also present organization or productivity tools for which you have a shareable app. Options depend on your device apps and settings, so the possibilities are endless, but user favorites include Evernote, Google products, Feedly, and Dropbox.

Get help from a real person – right from the app

Screenshot_2016-05-25-13-49-44Whether you need help finding articles on your topic or would like some guidance on curating the perfect list, we’re here to help you succeed. From the menu, just click on Preferences,  Chat with an Agent, and then the pen (compose) icon in the upper-right to ask a question. We’ll not only answer you as soon as we are able – we’ll even send you an email when we respond, so you can get back to ACI – or something else – knowing that your query will be addressed.

Are you ready to take your research with you? If you’re not yet a subscriber, use promo code LEARN for a free trial. And if you are an ACI subscriber, download the ACI Scholarly Blog Index mobile app today and see how ACI is modernizing the academic research experience.