ACI Information Group, the company behind the award-winning ACI Scholarly Blog Index, recently briefed the Professional & Scholarly Publishing’s (PSP) Committee for Digital Innovation on the importance and role of scholarly blogs in academic publishing and scholarly communication. As the scholarly and research arm of the American Association of Publishers, the Professional and Scholarly Publishing division focuses on the support and dissemination of high-quality, validated research in academic and professional communities. The division’s Committee for Digital Innovation, co-chaired by Darrell Gunter, Gunter Media Group, and John Rennie, McGraw-Hill Professional (Science), focuses on the “issues and developments in digital publishing at the intersection of content and technology”. The committee explores emerging trends, shared pain points, and the technological innovations that can affect all members of the research community.

In the PSP briefing, Pat Sabosik, General Manager of the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, provided an update on the company, ACI Information Group, and the two leading blog resources that the company publishes – the Newstex News & Commentary collection of blogs for the corporate market, and the ACI Scholarly Blog Index for the academic market. Pat followed the ACI Scholarly Blog Index update with case studies of how researchers, students, and librarians are using ACI’s scholarly blogs in their research and scholarly communications.

Pat Sabosik, ACI Information Group, with others at AAP.
From the left: Darrell Gunter, President and CEO of Gunter Media; John Tagler, Vice President & Executive Director of the PSP Division; Pat Sabosik, General Manager of ACI Scholarly Blog Index; John Rennie, Editorial Director, Science, McGraw-Hill Professional; Steve Sieck, Greenhouse Associates. June 2016.

Sara Pinto, Director of the Professional & Scholarly Publishing Division, stated that “the Association of American Publishers (AAP) is the largest US publishing association, one of our key missions is to educate our members through training programs. By speaking at one of our sessions, Pat not only performed a great service to AAP, but to the publishing industry at large.”

A frequent speaker to information and publishing industry professionals, Pat communicates frequently with librarians and faculty on the value of scholarly blogs in the modern research workflow and ACI’s role in that process. “Librarians and students are using ACI’s scholarly blogs as a bridge to the journal literature and researchers are identifying thought leaders in their academic field of study,” Pat explains. “The curated collection reassures librarians that only credentialed blogs are included. ACI is pleased to share our story about publishing authoritative social media with the Association members.”

Specifically designed for the academic researcher, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index is a scholarly blog discovery service that offers a robust search engine, a unique combination of workflow, discussion, and citation tools, and an index to scholarly blog content to support scholarly research. Highly recommended by ALA’s CHOICE Reviews and the winner of the 2016 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Scholarly Research Information Solution, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index is a comprehensive platform for blog discovery, curation, and collaboration to meet the needs of today’s Web researchers.

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