ACI Information Group and Ebsco’s PlumX announce a new partnership in which scholarly blogs featured in ACI Scholarly Blog Index will be available to PlumX users. PlumX is the definitive source of altmetrics data and ACI Information Group is the world’s leading aggregator of editorially selected and curated social media and blog publications.  Through the partnership, the PlumX Suite will be able to track more than 10,000 blogs indexed by ACI.  Here is a link to the full release.  ACI blogs will be incorporated into PlumX Mentions.

PlumX Blog mentions

What makes the partnership between ACI Information Group and PlumX of note is the fact that these two information companies recognize the emerging importance of scholarly blogs and their role in advancing scholarly communications. Since the term “altmetrics” was first coined by Jason Priem in 2010 in a Tweet: (“I like the term #articlelevelmetrics, but it fails to imply *diversity* of measures. Lately, I’m liking #altmetrics.”) the academic community has incorporated social media in their discussions of scholarly communications. Scholarly blogs, along with other social metrics, play a role in these discussions.  PlumX has developed products to capture and measure this social metric activity.

In their guest editorial in Aslib Journal of Information Management, “Social media in scholarly communication” Stefanie Haustein, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, and Vincent Larivière State: “After decades of studying scholarly communications almost exclusively with papers and citations, scholars now have access to new sources of evidence which, in turn, has brought new energy to the science indicators community.” The PlumX Suite of products captures this new energy around scholarly metrics, packaging them for measurement in useful ways and ACI’s Scholarly Blogs now play a role in that measurement.

As younger scholars—the digital natives of the academe—join their research communities, social media exchanges (including blogs) will increase in frequency and importance. Scholarly blogs are a convenient way for scholars to reach a wider audience and comment on trends and developments in their fields.  Capturing these blogs as PlumX Mentions, and coupling them with other metrics such as Usage, Captures, Social Media, and Citations offer new insights into a scholar’s activity. The partnership between ACI Information Group and PlumX will improve the research and discovery experiences of scholars, librarians, and funding agencies.

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