The ACI Scholarly Blog Index has won the Fifteenth Annual Charleston Advisor Readers’ Choice Award for Best Content.  The announcement was published in the October 2016 issue of The Charleston Advisor.

Published by the ACI Information Group, ACI Scholarly Blog Index is an editorially selected and curated collection of scholarly blogs written by leading academics and industry experts worldwide.  ACI Scholarly Blog Index currently includes more than 11,000 scholarly blogs and over two million blog posts covering all academic subject areas.

The Charleston Advisor publishes critical reviews of online resources for libraries. In its eighteenth year of publication, The Charleston Advisor has published Readers’ Choice awards for fifteen consecutive years.  Their readers suggest products and services for the annual awards. The members of the editorial board made the final selection in September for the 2016 awards and awards are given in a group of standard categories.  “Best Content” is one of the categories.

Library product reviews and awards like this one from The Charleston Advisor are a good way for the library press to sift out and highlight the best products and services out of a field of new products and services offered to the library community.

With its focus on scholarly blogs, ACI Scholarly Blog Index is publishing a novel product and one that fits well within the cycle of scholarly communicationsACI Scholarly Blog Index, an important topic and focus of academic librarians and the faculty with whom they partner. The scholarly bloggers included in ACI Scholarly Blog Index are all experts in their fields, are credentialed and authoritative, and write about their own research as well as comment on trends they see in their fields of study.

Scientists, lawyers, and economists blog frequently. ACI editors note their representative numbers in ACI. Here is a sample of the range and diverse coverage of economics blogs. Economics is a universal and global subject and varied by both broad and narrow topics.  ACI Scholarly Blog Index includes this exemplary range of economics blogs: Economics of Higher Education, Economics of New Zealand, British Politics and Policy, Economics and Ethics, Monetary Freedom, World Economic Forum Blog, and Aquanomics, the economics of water policy.

Awards have a history in America, with communities of peers voting on what they collectively choose are the best offerings in a category, like the Academy Awards, the American Library Association group of awards, and Library Journal’s awards.  The internet has given rise to including the general public in award decisions, or in this case, the general readers, who vote on what they think are the best products and services, and in which categories.  Having the editorial board review and select the finalists is an imprimatur of excellence.

ACI Scholarly Blog Index is pleased to have received The Charleston Advisor Readers’ Choice Award and will continue to select the best scholarly blogs in all fields of academic study for librarians, students, and faculty to use in their academic endeavors.