The ACI Scholarly Blog Index was favorably reviewed in the April 2017 issue of The Charleston Advisor, which “publishes critical reviews of online resources for libraries” including products for academic, public, and medical libraries. Published by the Charleston Company, The Charleston Advisor is a valuable resource for the library market featuring in-depth reviews and analysis of new products, open access publications, subscribed content, and free content.  The editorial board represents a mix of librarians and thought leaders from a range of leading institutions.

“…if faculty and students are interested in discovering and staying current on scholarly blogs in their fields, they should certainly consider ACI Scholarly Blog Index. The product is well worth the look, given its scholarly content, ease of use, friendly user interface, and powerful filtering options.” The Charleston Advisor, April 2017

The ACI review, written by Jeremy Whitt, Pepperdine University, provides an in-depth description of ACI along with an evaluation of the overall product and positive comments on ACI’s user interface and navigation features.  The reviewer also places ACI in the context of college teaching and learning by looking at how scholarly blogs are discussed within the academic literature. This is valuable commentary for librarians and ACI’s subscribers.

The Charleston Advisor ranks the products it reviews, and it gave ACI four stars out of five for both Content and Purchase-Contract Options.  Describing their ranking in more detail, the Advisor states: “ACI Scholarly Blog Index is one of the few resources one can use to find scholarly blogs.  Blogs are added based on several selection criteria including quality, content, and author credentials. Currently the index includes over 10,000 blogs and [two] million posts. The resource offers a unique way of finding scholarly content that is not indexed to this extent elsewhere.” The Advisor also praised ACI’s User Interface, calling it “…slick, intuitive, and responsive…with powerful search limiters.” ACI’s Pricing received favorable comment as well, stating that“…ACI provides a fair approach to pricing by defining its price points and working with consortia.” Overall, ACI received a score of 3.75.

“The editorial process of vetting content and credentials is sound, and the requirement that authors hold a degree in the blog’s subject area is a way of further establishing academic credibility.”  The Charleston Advisor, April 2017

Designed for academic researchers, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index offers a variety of features and workflow tools to enhance the scholarly research process, including:

  • The ability to search the entire collection of scholarly blogs
  • Full-text access to every scholarly blog article
  • Advanced search, navigation, and filtering options that ensure highly relevant results
  • The capability to refine search results by Library of Congress classification
  • Profiles highlighting authors’ professional and social connections, journal articles, and alternative metrics
  • Full citation and export options
  • Bookmarks and List Tools for saving, annotating, curating, and sharing content
  • Sharing, collaboration, and productivity tools
  • Access to real-time syncing & mobile features via the ACI Mobile App

Find out for yourself why ACI’s unique research database is recommended by Library JournalCHOICE Reviews, and ARLIS, and won the SIIA 2016 CODiE Award for Best Scholarly Research Information Solution. Click here to learn more about the ACI Scholarly Blog Index or ACI’s other resources. To start exploring the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, click here for a free individual trial login, or here to request a free trial customized to your institution.


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