Whether you write about law, political science, or technology, you can be assured of reaching a worldwide audience when you license your content with us. Our vast reach means that you will not have to worry about signing a bunch of individual distribution deals—ACI will make it easy for people to find your content. You will also be in good company; our authors include such luminaries as Eugene Volokh of The Volokh Conspiracy, Anthony B. Sanders of Confounded Interest, and Vincent Racaniello of Virology Blog and This Week in Virology.   

If you want to maximize your content’s reach, be sure to sign up for full-text distribution and archiving. This will ensure that your content appears in the Newstex News & Commentary Blog Index (“Newstex”) in its entirety instead of as an abstract. Not only will this make it easier for people to read your work, but it also creates an enduring archive of your publication that will ensure that your hard work is accessible to future generations.


You can rest assured that our users will use your content ethically. Unlike random web surfers, our clients are concerned about copyright, and they want to make sure that all permissions are in order.

Increased discoverability for you and your blog

Wider distribution

ACI makes it easy for your content to reach new audiences. Researchers from across the globe will be able to access your work in Newstex and other distribution channels, which will expand your readership and your presence.

A lasting archive

When you sign up for full-text distribution and archiving, your content will be preserved, allowing researchers to draw on your knowledge even if your site itself is no longer around.

Enhanced metadata

Newstex features robust search capabilities. By enhancing your content with additional metadata, we make it easy for researchers to find your work.

Our distribution partners

Your blog articles will be accessible through a variety of industry-targeted content distribution and discovery channels. Our distribution partners include LexisNexis, Thomson WestLaw, ProQuest, NewsEdge, QuoteMedia, and NewsCred.

Common questions

I found my blog articles in Newstex. Are you displaying the full text of my posts?
Not without your permission; any blog for which a full text license has not yet been granted will show only a summary of your article. Anyone who finds your blog post will need to click the Original button to read the full text directly from your blog. Summaries may be provided in your blog’s feed or generated automatically by ACI.
What are the benefits of full-text distribution and archiving?

People are looking for content just like yours. ACI distribution and archiving connects your blog to those interested in the topics you write about.



Because ACI distributes content to a wide range of publishers and distribution outlets, your blog – and branding – can reach millions of readers worldwide.


The odds of an individual blog post surfacing on the first page of a Google search result is usually low, but inclusion in Newstex vastly improves a blogger’s probability of being found.


Whether your blog has moved, your website is temporarily down, or you’ve put your blogging on hold for a while, archiving with ACI ensures that your content remains actively accessible.