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“In today’s media world, audiences are highly fragmented and spread out across digital channels.

Modern media businesses have to continually adapt to put their content in front of audiences, and find new ways to leverage social, subject matter expertise and syndication.

Digital Journal has syndicated its content with Newstex for years as a way to get in front of new readers and monetize an audience that might otherwise be out of reach.”

– Chris Hogg
CEO, Digital Journal

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And because ACI takes our content directly from our RSS feed, our team doesn’t need to do any extra work to reap the benefits of syndication.”

– James Carl Hendrickson
Founder, District Media Inc.

Selections from the ACI Blog

Huntingdon College Library and Its Innovative Director

Huntingdon College Library and Its Innovative Director

Library innovation is not only the realm of large research libraries.  Frequently, innovation and early adopters come from small liberal arts colleges who have the interests of their undergraduates front and center.  Eric A. Kidwell, the Library Director of Huntingdon...

Blogs and the Scholarly Record

Blogs and the Scholarly Record

Are blogs an extension of academic research?  Can blogs be an adjunct to the traditional publication process? Is there a continuum of scholarly commentary through blogs after more formal research articles are published, or a predecessor. The answer appears to be yes....