ACI Information Group is the world’s leading aggregator of editorially selected and curated social media and blog publications.

ACI Information Group (fka Newstex) editorially selects authoritative content producers, enhances that content to make it easier to find relevant information, and delivers that content through our respected content distributors. Sources include media companies, press release wires, corporate websites, investigative journalism organizations, non-profits, online newspapers/magazines, and scholarly blogs.

Our LC Class coverage (over 100 classifications in total) spans the gamut from Political Institutions, to Finance, to Commerce, to US Law, to News, to Technology, and to Economics. Although most of our publications hail from the United States, we also bring in content originating from over 80 countries like the UK, Canada, Russia, Spain, Australia, Pakistan, and Germany. The most prevalent languages are English, Spanish, Russian, German, and French.